There's No One Way to Lead.

Get Clear About the Way That's Right for You and Your Team.

Implement a leadership development plan that centers unique identities and values, driving strategic and meaningful change.

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We create space for you to deconstruct your leadership approach.

Implicit in traditional professional development are standards and norms that are rooted in historical racial oppression and based on a white dominant culture narrative.

The work of Liberated Development is to walk alongside you as unpack how these norms show up in your thinking and approach to leadership and work. These norms are often at the root of leadership stress as well as the barriers to equitable team culture.

There's a more expansive way to lead!

Let's journey together on a more conscious leadership and development path grounded in liberation!

Who is Liberated Development?

Liberated Development was birthed out of Danielle’s 16-year career of strategic planning, training design and delivery, and talent development in the education and nonprofit sectors. Her career has consistently focused on organizational climate and culture, with a unique concentration on the influence of identity, wellness, and race.    more about our story

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Ready to grow freely?

If you're looking to develop your team, yourself, or your community, and wondering if we can support, let's chat! We are eager to help you get free to grow!

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