Leadership Coaching

LD believes that you already possess what you need to develop into the leader you truly want to be. Our role is to hep you access that! 

From exploring what your version of leadership success looks like to creating layers of self-accountability, we hold individualized coaching space and ask questions that lead you on a journey toward a more liberated version of your leadership.

Layering on aspects of identity and how they impact the stories you've told yourself, much of LD's coaching involves helping you recast yourself around a new narrative of what's possible as a leader.

Whether it’s to do your best work within an organization or to discover more of how you want to lead in the world, we explore the power of storytelling, the connection of values to action, and the practice of agency power to support you on a journey to reclaim you leadership path and practice!

Dream Manager Coaching

LD is also certified to offer Dream Manager Coaching. The Dream Manager Program (DMP) is a twelve-month comprehensive coaching program designed for you to achieve specific dreams that you identify as being connected to a more liberated way of living and working. Through the DMP, we develop a personal strategic plan that keeps you and your dreams at the center of your life and decisions during our year together.

The DMP is based on the Dream Manager concept that unfolded in Matthew Kelly's book, The Dream Manager. It includes monthly sessions with Danielle, a workbook, accompanying journal, ready-made templates to help you plan out your dream journey, and priority access to LD's monthly Dream Action Days.   

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