Danielle N. Davis

Founder & Principal Consultant

Thanks for visiting! I’m Danielle, a proud Chicago native currently based in the Washington DC area, and the driving force behind Liberated Development.

Before founding LD in 2019, I spent nearly two decades at the forefront of equitable leadership and organizational development in national nonprofits and universities. My work is fueled by a passion for transforming leadership paradigms and team dynamics.

My areas of expertise include DEI, inclusive leadership, human-centered strategic planning and communication, leadership coaching, and organizational culture and change management. These areas are not merely buzzwords—they are the essence of my approach to helping organizations achieve substantial shifts, redefine leadership structures, and tap into historically overlooked internal talent.

At the core of my work is a commitment to transforming organizational cultures and managing change by focusing on the human aspects often neglected. I have guided numerous organizations in overhauling their leadership practices to prioritize equity and inclusion, thereby fostering healthier cultures, actualizing missions more effectively, and unleashing the potential of untapped talent.

I am dedicated to unlocking the potential within each organization, ensuring that every member has the opportunity to lead and thrive.

I am grateful to live out part of my life's work through Liberated Development, a company whose success is made possible by the collective effort of a remarkable group of experts who share this journey with me. Their expertise and brilliance have amplified my impact far beyond what I could achieve alone.  Learn more about them!

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