Grounding Preparation for Feedback

Receiving feedback, even if it's hard, is an opportunity for growth and learning. By engaging in grounding practices beforehand, you can approach the feedback with greater clarity and openness, and use it to propel yourself forward.

Mid-Point Reflection

It's easy to keep our heads down and continue to simply work to meet our yearly (or project) goals. However, here's a challenge to find (or TAKE) a moment to reflect on your progress to date.

Micro practices for Self Advocacy

I’ve recently been in a lot of conversations about the practice of self-advocacy -- a crucial component of leadership and personal growth. As it relates to race and identity, self-advocacy empowers folks to speak up for their needs within systemic barriers and discrimination that often make it difficult for us to access equitable resources and opportunities. By supporting clients on their journey to self-advocacy,

Mindfully Unplugging this Season

For much of this year, I have been intentional about aligning my actions here with one of my values: CONNECTION. I’ve worked to share and engage with my community here. As the year comes to a close, I will create a little space to bring action to another value of mine: STILLNESS. It provides a place of restoration, reflecting and recharging as I seek to continue to grow LD and show up as my best self in the process. So off I go, to restore, reflect, and recharge!


Last month, I had the absolute pleasure of learning from Tracee Stanley, author of Radiant Rest. She led a powerful retreat space and talked about who we are able to become when we move BEYOND our CONDITIONING:

Black Mental Wellness Ambassador

Liberated Development is proud to share Danielle’s new partnership as an Ambassador for Black Mental Wellness, Corp. Black Mental Wellness, Corp. is on a mission to support black people on a journey toward a more liberated life.

Aligning your career path with your True self

The pursuit of career success often comes at the expense of personal fulfillment. I’ve found that by self-reflecting…taking a beat, accessing our innate needs, tapping into our natural talents and passions, and surrounding ourselves with an honest community, we can actually find greater satisfaction AND success in the long run.

Why "Development"?

There isn’t a time I can remember when I wasn’t seeking to develop myself and support the development of others. As a child growing up in a deeply religious environment, I was aspiring to develop into a “good Christian,” while also teaching bible classes.

Why "Liberated"?

The journey was prescribed -- the goal and the path to get there were predetermined by societal norms and the white dominant culture that drives us all. To become a “good Christian” according to the broader society, you do X.

Liberated Development turns one year old!

A year ago this week, after years of serving clients as a facilitator, strategic coach and thought partner, I decided to conquer the “building a business” checklist that had been intimidating me for years, and make Liberated Development (LD) an official company.