Liberated Development turns one year old!

A year ago this week, after years of serving clients as a facilitator, strategic coach and thought partner, I decided to conquer the “building a business” checklist that had been intimidating me for years, and make Liberated Development (LD) an official company.

Why "Liberated"?

The journey was prescribed -- the goal and the path to get there were predetermined by societal norms and the white dominant culture that drives us all. To become a “good Christian” according to the broader society, you do X.

Why "Development"?

There isn’t a time I can remember when I wasn’t seeking to develop myself and support the development of others. As a child growing up in a deeply religious environment, I was aspiring to develop into a “good Christian,” while also teaching bible classes.

Our Newsletter

The goal of Liberated Development is in the name. We serve as a bridge for individuals and teams as they define and journey on a path towards a more liberated version of themselves.

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