We're Holding Space for Your Dreams

Every (or at least most) choices we make, are either moving us toward or away from a more liberated version of ourselves.

When I say liberation, what I mean is freedom -- a freedom to do and be who and what we want and truly dream of. For each of us, that vision for liberation looks different. What’s not different, though, is the need to dedicate time to making it happen!

Study after study has shows that most of us don’t put in concentrated habitual time to make our version of freedom (or liberation) a reality. 

  • Dream of owning (more) property to help you obtain more financial freedom, when was the last time you invested concentrated habitual time in researching and learning more about property acquisition?
  • Have a dream writing book to give more freedom to the words inside of you? When was the last time you dedicated concentrated habitual time to writing? 
  • Dream of filling your walls with your own artwork? When was the last time you dedicated concentrated habitual time to painting or drawing?

When was the last time you took time to take actual and intentional action toward your dreams?

If your answer is not at all or not enough, this is an invitation.

Because I too, wanted more time to just do the things that I knew would connect me more deeply to my more liberated self, I’ve started dedicating one Saturday of every month as a day to more deeply invest in the things that move me in the direction of my liberation. And I invited folks to join me!

So What Exactly is the Space?

It’s an open space to come together with others to focus on nothing else but investing in yourself -- your dream. One month I worked on a course, another month a certification. Another participant was working on a new business idea she hadn’t visited in years! We show up, we bring anything related to that day’s project, we quickly share what we’re working on and then we create our space and we work. We use a version of the pomodoro method and take breaks to keep our productivity flowing, and at the end, we report back on how we did, how we’re feeling and how we will continue to move our liberation forward.

Why not just do this at home?

Because “environment is stronger than willpower.” We’re increasingly more inclined to do a thing in the moment when folks around us are doing that very thing.

When I’m dedicating a day to a project at home, that day is also peppered with me washing my clothes, playing with the dog, returning some text messages, vacuuming, you get the drift. These are all things that need to be done, but in this moment, they are also taking away from me having concentrated habitual time for the thing I know will push me toward my dream. In a room with others also only investing in their dream, I’m guaranteed to do the same! So this is my way of bringing intention to my dreams, but also others in the LD community who are also on a path toward liberation. It’s an act of embodied community care, where I am intentionally leveraging this reality to make space for the dreams of others.

Liberation is active; we have to do something to get it. 

Wana Join Dream Action Days?

  • If you’re in the DMV area and interested in joining this space, RSVP here. We meet at a lovely (and spacious) waterfront location in Old Town Alexandria. (Details about COVID precautions are included.)
  • If you're not in the DMV area (or not yet ready to be in shared space) there is also a virtual option (sort of like library hours), so feel free to also RSVP. You'll get zoom info closer the date.

And if you don't join this space, all good. The encouragement here to create one. Turn off the phone, move away from the other To Do’s and make some intentional time to take some action toward that thing you know will contribute to more liberated you.

And then… do it again!

Liberation is active!

What are you doing toward your liberation?

Massive Inspiration Shout Outs

I’ve attended both of these events, which absolutely planted seeds for this. Thanks to you both! Appreciate you creating the spaces you’ve created to help me and others invest in themselves!