"What's Your Dream?"

from LinkedIn

What’s your dream? (Seriously, pause and answer that question.)

Now… When was the last time you took an actual and intentional action to advance that dream? (i.e., took the class, pursued the certification, looked for the realtor, wrote the first chapter, whatever.)

Our everyday decisions contribute to us moving closer or further away from our dreams.

I hold space monthly (for myself and for folks who are in the Liberated Development community) to take actual action that advances our dreams. Liberation - whatever that means to you - isn’t passive. It’s active.

We have four more “Dream Action Days” scheduled this year if you’d like to join for accountability, but whether it’s this space or your own, commit to your dreams. Dreams are only as real as the actions we take toward them.

(And HUGE shout out to Saya Hillman and Nikki Porcher who hold similar spaces that inspired this.)

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