Why "Development"?

What's in Our Name? Part 2

The goal of Liberated Development is in the name. We serve as a bridge for individuals and teams as they define and journey on a path towards a more liberated version of themselves.

It’s all in the name...

There isn’t a time I can remember when I wasn’t seeking to develop myself and support the development of others. As a child growing up in a deeply religious environment, I was aspiring to develop into a “good Christian,” while also teaching bible classes. As a teenager at one of the top high schools in Chicago, I was focused on developing into a popular “It girl,” while also serving as a youth mentor. As an undergrad and grad student at two PWIs (predominantly white institutions), I strove to become the “model student,” while also serving as a new student liaison to younger students of color. As a professional, I was aiming to develop into “executive material,” while also coaching emerging leaders.

Growth and development have always been core values for me, but at some point, I realized there was a fundamental piece missing in those values. That missing piece was freedom. The space, room, and often permission to acquaint myself with who I’d become if those pre-determined roles and rules weren’t my roadmaps on the journey to develop.

The goal of Liberated Development is not simply to support individual and organizational development – anyone can do that. Our goal is to create intentional spaces that serve clients as they imagine and develop into something new.

From fostering curiosity about views on leadership and values to truly creating space to share their own beliefs and voice, LD engagements create positive, generative spaces so that clients have the freedom to develop from their center -- the core values that are deeply true for them.