Mindfully Unplugging this Season

from LinkedIn


A few years ago, I got an email from Kristyn Ivey (fellow entrepreneur and KonMari master) about her annual Mindful Unplug. It was her way of articulating how she was owning her time for the next few weeks and being intentional about letting go of certain obligations in service of connecting more deeply to experiences that aligned with her highest values. This was something I did regularly, but hadn’t named it anything. From that point on, “mindful unplug” was my term of choice for it. And it’s time!

For much of this year, I have been intentional about aligning my actions here with one of my values: CONNECTION. I’ve worked to share and engage with my community here. As the year comes to a close, I will create a little space to bring action to another value of mine: STILLNESS. It provides a place of restoration, reflecting and recharging as I seek to continue to grow LD and show up as my best self in the process. So off I go, to restore, reflect, and recharge!

I hope you too are able to restore, reflect and recharge in whatever ways speak to you! I’m excited to see y'all back here in 2023!