Why Culture Informed Strategic Advising Matters

from LinkedIn

One of the services of Liberated Development is Culture-Informed Strategic Advising. Simply put, this service connects strategy and culture. Effective strategy implementation is dependent on an organization’s culture, and encompasses an interdependent set of goals, roles, processes, values, communications practices, attitudes, and assumptions.

While centering equity, we focus on all dimensions of an organization to imagine comprehensive approaches that consider all stakeholders as well as cultural implications.

An amazing strategy within an unhealthy/dysfunctional culture has limited success at best. But a mediocre strategy within a healthy culture is a game changer! My bias is that culture trumps strategy any day of the week.

When we intentionally build strategy without intentionally building a culture, it’s like a football coach getting all the equipment and uniforms for a football game and never investing in football practice for their team. The team will be fly, but they will likely lose the game. Culture matters.