Infusing Gratitude in your Leadership Practice

from LinkedIn

Gratitude and appreciation are essential tools in any leader’s toolkit. Depending on what’s happening around us, gratitude can be harder to access some days than others. More than a reaction when things are good, gratitude is a constant building block on which we can build our leadership practice.

Here are three quick tips I’ve personally used and have shared with clients seeking to infuse more gratitude into their leadership practice:

1. Look for what’s working well. On the constant journey to improve, perform, scale, meet KPIs, etc., it’s easy to focus solely on what we need to fix and change. But as we all know, what we focus on gets bigger, so shift your focus a bit.

2. Thank the people who rarely get thanked. “Who are the folks behind the scenes” making it happen on your team and at your org? The ones who aren’t always shouted out in the public thank yous? Thank THEM!

3. Start a team Gratitude Board. On Slack, Jamboard, an actual board in an office…create a dedicated space where folks can always go to, to drop shout-outs and moments of gratitude across the team. Then someone read them aloud at the end of the month or year to create a shared gratitude ritual across your team org.

If you’ve got another dope gratitude practice that helps your leadership practice? Feel free to drop it!