Why "Liberated"?

What's in Our Name? Part 1

The goal of Liberated Development is in the name. We serve as a bridge for individuals and teams as they define and journey on a path towards a more liberated version of themselves.

It’s all in the name...

The journey was prescribed -- the goal and the path to get there were predetermined by societal norms and the white dominant culture that drives us all. 

To become a “good Christian” according to the broader society, you do X. To become "executive material" according to the typical workplace, you do Y. Most of us know what's expected to solve for X and Y. And more often than not, it develops us into a conformed version of ourselves, defined by arbitrary rules and limiting beliefs. What was missing in the early stages of my journey was the freedom to develop in the ways that spoke to my spirit, my values, my orientation. A liberated way of developing into something new.

The goal of Liberated Development is not simply to support individual and organizational development – anyone can do that. 

Our goal is to create intentional spaces that serve clients as they imagine and develop into something new.

From fostering curiosity about views on leadership and values to truly creating space to share their own beliefs and voice, LD engagements create positive, generative spaces so that clients have the freedom to develop from their center -- the core values that are deeply true for them.