Aligning your career path with your True self

from LinkedIn

I recently heard a quote by Jay-Z where he said, “the goal isn’t to be successful and famous, but to live your life out through your God-given abilities.” How often have we found ourselves in leadership roles or opportunities for advancement that don’t actually align with our true selves or values?

The pursuit of career success often comes at the expense of personal fulfillment. I’ve found that by self-reflecting…taking a beat, accessing our innate needs, tapping into our natural talents and passions, and surrounding ourselves with an honest community, we can actually find greater satisfaction AND success in the long run.

Have you ever found yourself in a leadership role - or even pursuing a role - that didn’t truly align with your personal goals and values? I find myself in this dialogue with emerging leaders a lot. Any tips for realigning your career path with your true self? I’d love to hear them below!