Schedule some *YOU* Time

from LinkedIn

I am a firm believer that how we lead ourselves/our own lives is a direct reflection of how we lead our teams. When was the last time you did some *YOU* planning? 🤔

Saya Hillman has once again designed a creation that inspires folks to take charge of their lives and it’s one of those nobody-wants-to-talk-about-but-everyone-needs kinds of creations.

✅ Need a better way to manage your time? CHECK.

✅ Struggling with what exactly to say when you set a boundary and have to give a hard, "No?" CHECK.

✅ Unsure of how (and/or plain ole just don’t want) to think through what instructions you’d want your loved ones to have when you die? (Uncomfortable, I know, but also…CHECK)

Not only is this stuff we all need, but I know first-hand (from personal experience and from coaching convos) that it’s often the stuff that also keeps us anxious, overwhelmed and burnt out. #FreeYourself! This Kit is literally a manual that you can duplicate and tweak to make your own so that you can start doing the YOU stuff that gets you stuck!

As a person who uses many of the systems included in this tool, I couldn’t NOT share this! I can’t wait to dig in more! And the fact that it’s all in one place is a game-changer and frees you from having to do it all yourself.

Saya, thanks for always sharing your genius with your world!