Danielle N. Davis

Founder & Principal Consultant

Liberated Development was birthed out of Danielle’s, then 16-year, career of strategic planning, training design and delivery, and talent development in the education and nonprofit sectors. Her career has consistently focused on organizational climate and culture, with a unique concentration on the influence of identity, wellness, and race.

After serving on numerous leadership and management teams that all tried to "solve" for issues like retention and morale through a predetermined and very limited lens, Danielle realized that what was most needed in these cases was liberation.

By illuminating barriers and boundaries in thinking, Danielle began to create space for teams and leaders to think outside of the traditional solution boxes (read: white dominant culture) of transactional "innovative processes and systems" that focused only on the goal. She pushed instead, for process-orientated thinking that centered the conditions that held the issues in place, while valuing personal identity and life experience along the way:

“What are we creating, or not creating, for our teams and ourselves that is influencing how we work and relate?”
“What assumptions are implicit in our chosen solutions?”
“How can we think outside of those assumptions to imagine something new?”

Liberated Development continues to grow and explore these questions alongside partners, thanks to these awesome co-creators and contributors! (Meet them!)

Educational Background:

A proud Chicago native, Danielle’s educational background includes a master’s program at Moody Theological Seminary, a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University New Orleans, and a nonprofit leadership development certificate from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management's Center for Nonprofit Management.

In addition to numerous culture-building and leadership development strategies, Danielle has served as an independent consultant, as well as on regional, district and national teams. Danielle’s training includes:


Danielle currently partners on race, equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) work with The Equity Lab and serves as a leadership coach and co-creator with b*free. She is based in the Washington, DC area.

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The goal of Liberated Development is in the name. We serve as a bridge for individuals and teams as they define and journey on a path towards a more liberated version of themselves.

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